How Do Women Know Their Bra Size?

How Do Women Know Their Bra Size?

Wearing the perfect fit of underwear makes one look good. Apart from the elegant physical appearance it offers, one also feels great and confident. For a woman, this feeling of confidence that the perfect bra size gives are not an exemption. Hence, the importance of getting the correct fitting and ideal style. Most women already know that purchasing the right bra does not have to result in much stress. Thus, buying from Freshpair makes the task easy and faster.

Apart from getting the right size, one also needs to know how to get the right bra for the breast shape. Here are a few steps to understanding how women understand their bra sizes: –

  1. The first step women engage in is measuring the band size through the use of a tape measure held firm against the body.
  2. The second step is the bust measurement, which gets done by using the tape measure to measure the fullest area of the bust line.
  3. The cup size is the next thing to measure. The calculation is through subtracting the band size from the measurement of the bust done. For example, if the bust area is 51, and the band size 20. One will then have to subtract 20 from 51 to get the perfect cup size, which means that 31 will be checked on the bra size chart to know the exact cup size one would use.

While getting the right bra size appears tricky, it is quite possible and advantageous to a woman’s health. Here are a few benefits of using the right bra size: –


A woman’s posture speaks volumes about her level of confidence and charisma. Thus, putting on the perfect bra will help maintain an erect and correct body posture. The benefit of this is that she will not slouch as the back is straight. The ideal bra will also help reduce the chances of adding unnecessary and extra layers to the woman’s sides.

Reduction of back and chest pain

Since the breast and the chest have the support from the perfect bra and correct cup fitting, there will be a significant reduction of pain in the back and chest areas of the woman’s body.

Reduction of skin irritation

Another added advantage to a woman’s health for wearing the perfect bra and cup size is the reduction and prevention of skin irritation. Since the fabric is a perfect one for the woman, she need not fear any rough result from the fabric rubbing or staying close to her body. The ideal bra should feel like a second skin. If not, then it’s time to throw it out and get a perfect and correct one that feels comfortable and snugly.

Breast support

Apart from looking fabulous and smashing with an elegant outfit worn along with the perfect bra, the perfect bra also helps to maintain, sustain as well as support the breast. Wearing the correct bra size does not only support the breast but also helps shape the breast to a perfect shape that commands confidence.